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Ceramic service 



FIRING SERVICE SaintDeco Artist House offers ceramic firing service. Check the firing temperatures and volume FIRING SERVICE Raw firing 950°C / Glaze firing 1040°C / Glaze firing 1240°C Saitdecon firing service can bring clay works for firing. The maker is responsible for the breaking or flowing of the glaze. We charge from 25€/pc for a spoiled plate. The maker leaves his name, phone number and firing information when bringing the works. The prices of raw firing and glaze firing are the same. For other temperatures, it is possible to book your own oven. Raw glazed works are not fired in the glaze firing, but they are fired separately as their own firing. Minimum charge: 20,00 €/firing area Works that fit on an oven shelf of 46 cm x 46 cm, max. height 15 cm. Oven dimentions: Shelf size: 46cm x 46cm Internal dimensions: width 57 cm, depth 52 cm, height 68cm Whole oven: 72,00 €/firing. Note! Paper clay firing + 50 % to the above prices!

All prices include  VAT. 24 %.

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gsm. +358 400 153 721


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